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Why Choose Pest Control By Bug Lady?

Bug Lady is a trained professional technician who specialises in the treatment and eradication of most common pests.

Being a female technician means you get the woman’s touch. No longer do you need to feel concerned about who is wandering through your home while you are not there, or what they might be doing.  You can be guaranteed and rest assured that your privacy will be well respected.  Your home will also be left in good order like when you left it, with no application residue left behind. Your precious home and belongings will be respected and the premises left exactly how it was.

When hiring the Bug Lady, you will not only have a pest-free home but also peace of mind.  The pests will be gone and you and your home or business will be well respected.

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Services - Residential and Commercial

Bug Lady is a fully qualified expert helping you rest easy…

Fully trained, qualified and certified, means the Bug Lady knows her stuff and will ensure a high standard job is completed.  Peace will be restored into your life with no more sleepless nights worrying about nasty, dirty pests invading your home or your business. 

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Residential Pest Control

Your home is a place of warmth, safety and shelter - where you eat, sleep and live. Bugs and pests all like the idea of what your home has to offer also, so they are more than happy to move in with you. Call today for a free quote to rid your home of these pests and make it clean, healthy and all yours again.

bug lady commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

Bug Lady will help all commercial businesses stay safe, clean and pest free. Whether you work in a school, daycare, rest home, learning facility, restaurant, cafe, takeaway, shop, warehouse, factory, office, workshop and many more. A visit to your premises will ensure the eradication of all unwanted pests.

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What Clients Say About Bug Lady

Here are just a few testimonials from Trade Me customers and Builder’s Crack.

    Matt Tran
    Matt Tran

    Trade Me

    I reached out to a few pest control services on Trade Me and I found Bug Lady to be very informative and genuine. She took the time to explain the process and provided a very good price. We would recommend her to friends and family for sure.


      Trade Me

      At our wits end we tried to solve the situation ourselves but it took Bug Lady's expertise to get us sorted. She explained vermin behaviour and supplied us with practical solutions and equipment. Such a relief to be rid of the pests & what they leave behind.


        Trade Me

        Thanks for getting rid of those nasty's around the house. I called a few other companies and liked the Bug Lady as I found she was caring and took the time to explain everything to me. She did every thing as promised and she is also reasonbly priced. Highly recommend to anyone!!!.

          Job #254039
          Job #254039

          Builder's Crack

          Fantastic operator. We spoke on the phone, arranged a time and everything hapened the way it should. Haven't had any issues since the treatments were applied and we have now agreed to make it an annual job.

            Job #238629
            Job #238629

            Builder's Crack

            Bug Lady is an excellent person, she has taken a personal interest in ensuring we get rid of the RAT menace. She ensured and followed up on every possible opportunity. Rat infestation was quite widespread and with a young infant it was critical that I could find an honest and reliable person. Bug Lady was just the right fit. Thank you BL for all of your hard work...