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Ants are very social and will usually bring a party with them when they invade your space. They also like to feast on your food, where ever they might find it. Spraying them with a domestic spray will only take care of the issue temporarily, where as the Bug Lady will do more than that and will get to the core of the problem. Not all treatments are the same.

Also, inside and outside ants differ and as a result each infestation has to be eradicated with unique precision. Spraying exterior pathways, surfaces and nests si essential for exterior ants. Interior ants are more prminent during the warmer months. Bug Lady will apply a treament to the contact points the ants travel along, they will then take the substance back to their nests where there will then be further eradication of others in the nest and the Queen.

Don't put up with ants bothering you any longer, Bug Lady will quickly and effectively treat all areas of your home or business where ants are a problem.


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