How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches And How Do I Keep Cockroaches Out of My House?

Unfortunately, throughout New Zealand, cockroaches are extremely common household pests and once established, they can be very difficult to get rid of.  Although they make you feel uncomfortable to see, they do not pose many health risks, however, they can transmit disease and destroy property, so it is best that they are avoided and kept out of your home or business. 

If you already have a problem with cockroaches, then it is extremely important to get rid of them fast and effectively. Here, we’ll discuss how to prevent cockroach infestations and how to deal with them if an infestation does occur.

how to get rid of cockroaches


There are over 4,500 types of cockroaches in the world.  However, here in New Zealand, there are three main types of cockroaches.

The Gisborne Cockroach

how to get rid of german cockroaches

First up we have the Gisborne Cockroach.  The Gisborne Cockroach was introduced from Australia but is called the Gisborne Cockroach as this is where it was first found in New Zealand. 

It typically does not live indoors but will find itself inside due to being transported in with firewood or if the temperature outside is too hot or wet. 

It is harmless and does not carry disease or invade food unless it is decaying.  If you do find a Gisborne Cockroach, you can try to catch it and place it back outside, where it prefers to be.

The American Cockroach

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Secondly, we have the American Cockroach.  Like the Gisborne Cockroach, it is not a native to the US but originally came from Africa and the Middle East. 

It likes to live indoors where it is warm and moist.  They are omnivores so they like to eat a lot of different items, pretty much anything that is available from whatever is in your pantry or cupboards, to leather and the starch in book bindings. 

It is very important to keep your home as clean as possible since they can cause sickness in humans, due to their odorous secretions and bacteria they pick up from some of the filthy places they tend to live ie. rubbish bins.  The American Cockroach is one that definitely needs to be treated.

The German Cockroach

how to get rid of german cockroaches

Thirdly is the German Cockroach. 

The German Cockroach is a huge problem as they prefer to live indoors where it is warm and they can find food.  They will eat anything including meat and any type of fatty food. 

These are often found in takeaway shops, restaurants and hotels.  They also carry diseases and can cause dysentery or salmonella if they contaminate your food or surfaces that you may eat from. 

They too require professional treatment.

cockroach on food in kitchen


You are most likely wanting to know how to get rid of cockroaches? 

Well, the best thing is prevention, however, no matter how clean and tidy a house or building might be, they can still enter if they have access and want food and shelter. 


You can reduce your chances of a cockroach infestation by:

  • ensuring all cracks in walls, doors, foundations, ceilings, floors and windows are sealed and filled
  • always keep living areas and the kitchen clean and dry, including inside pantries, bathrooms and all hidden areas
  • put away pet food and water bowls
  • clean up grease around stoves, dishwashers, waste disposals and any other appliances
  • dispose of rubbish quickly and effectively, tie up bags and place them in a bin outside, especially at night before going to bed
  • remove any human waste and food waste immediately, do not leave it laying around
  • keep food in tightly sealed containers and avoid leaving fruits out on the bench
  • also clean up outside, remove old leaves and woodpiles and secure any lids on rubbish bins
  • add essential oils such as lemon oil to your cleaning water as cockroaches do not like the scent of citrus


There are treatments you can buy from hardware stores, but always ensure they are safe and non-toxic. 

Some can be dangerous if not handled properly.  There are also suggestions for natural treatments but not all will get rid of cockroaches long term.

If you find you have a cockroach problem and are overwhelmed by what to do, then this is when a professional is the best option.


DIY treatment can include:

  • cleaning up as suggested above, however, this will not get rid of cockroaches, it will make it more difficult for them to hide and habitat your home
  • sticky traps can help you find what direction they are coming from but these are not nice to look at, are time-consuming and do not rapidly treat the cockroach problem
  • cockroach bait is effective and fast-acting when placed around your home, however, it can be dangerous for children, pets and other animals if not used safely
  • cockroach spray is also effective and fast-acting but again can be dangerous for children and animals if not used safely
  • hire a professional exterminator who will inspect the infestation, identify the type of cockroach and come up with a plan and advice for the treatment and further prevention.
quick cockroach treatment


If you are at a loss and want further information, advice or professional cockroach treatment, then call Bug Lady Helen to help you.  Helen is experienced and highly trained and qualified in the treatment of cockroaches. 

Call or contact her today for some friendly advice or a free quote.  Get rid of those nasty cockroaches today and get some peace back into your life.

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