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Pests Treated by Bug Lady

Pests are never welcome in a home or business, but with the right pest control service you can ensure that the pests have no chance of taking over.

With regular treatments, and monitoring, your pest control expert Bug Lady, can keep your home or business, pest-free and healthy all year round.

Bug Lady is a friendly and professional pest control technician and will also offer education and advice for on-going maintenance treatments to help you maintain an environment that makes it difficult for pests to make themselves at home!

Pests can be seasonal but are also sneaky and can hide in places all year round, breeding and eating and causing filth and germs to breed.

Below are the pests treated that the Bug Lady can help you with.  

Pests Treated
Flies Pest Control


Wasp Nest Pest Control Home

Wasps & Nests

Fleas and flea Pest Control Auckland


Rat Mouse Rodent Pest Control Auckland

Rodents - Rats & Mice

Carpet Beetles Pest Control Auckland

Carpet Beetle

Spider Bug Pest Control Auckland

Spiders & Bugs

Bug Lady only uses products to treat pests that are certified safe for humans and pets, you and your family will be safe.

Thorough information will be provided before your Pest Control service for the particular pests treated.  If the pest treatment you require will need bait treatments, these are always housed in safety-approved containers that will then be placed in areas that will be safe for children and pets. 

It is highly recommended to have pests treated before they get out of control as this will save you money and are not as difficult to eradicate.

Your safety is important to Bug Lady.  To get a free quote, please use the button below.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Matt Tran
Matt Tran

Trade Me

I reached out to a few pest control services on Trade Me and I found Bug Lady to be very informative and genuine. She took the time to explain the process and provided a very good price. We would recommend her to friends and family for sure.


Trade Me

At our wits end we tried to solve the situation ourselves but it took Bug Lady's expertise to get us sorted. She explained vermin behaviour and supplied us with practical solutions and equipment. Such a relief to be rid of the pests & what they leave behind.


Trade Me

Thanks for getting rid of those nasty's around the house. I called a few other companies and liked the Bug Lady as I found she was caring and took the time to explain everything to me. She did every thing as promised and she is also reasonbly priced. Highly recommend to anyone!!!.

Job #254039
Job #254039

Builder's Crack

Fantastic operator. We spoke on the phone, arranged a time and everything hapened the way it should. Haven't had any issues since the treatments were applied and we have now agreed to make it an annual job.

Job #238629
Job #238629

Builder's Crack

Bug Lady is an excellent person, she has taken a personal interest in ensuring we get rid of the RAT menace. She ensured and followed up on every possible opportunity. Rat infestation was quite widespread and with a young infant it was critical that I could find an honest and reliable person. Bug Lady was just the right fit. Thank you BL for all of your hard work...

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