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Ants are very social and will usually bring a party with them when they invade your space. They also like to feast on your food, where ever they might find it. Spraying them with a domestic spray will only take care of the issue temporarily, whereas Bug Lady will do more than that and will get to the core of the problem. Not all treatments are the same.

Also, inside and outside ants differ and as a result, each infestation has to be eradicated with unique precision. Spraying exterior pathways, surfaces and nests si essential for exterior ants. Interior ants are more prominent during the warmer months. Bug Lady will apply a treatment to the contact points the ants travel along, they will then take the substance back to their nests where there will then be further eradication of others in the nest and the Queen.

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The 4 Most Common Ants In Auckland

Ants can live both indoors and outdoors, causing problems in buildings, food, gardens and even with people if they sting or bite.  Often they leave a mess with dirt and debris and can be a contributor to increased aphids in gardens also.  Ant control is important and especially so before large colonisations are established.

The White-Footed Ant does not bite or sting but it does cause havoc with looking for food.  It is attracted to a sweet diet so they are found both indoors and outdoors and can be a problem to eradicate once established.  For this reason, it is best to treat them immediately before the colony can increase in size.

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The Black House Ant is considered more of a nuisance than a serious pest. The ant can promote aphid growth, which can damage plants extensively, and it is an expert at building nests in difficult-to-see cracks and crevices, making colony removal challenging.

Primarily, the Black Ant damages food. It also contaminates areas with its feces, and when it throws out ‘rubbish’ from its nest – body parts are usually left after colony members have died.

Bug Lady will help you with ant control.

The Coastal Brown Ant is common in areas of Auckland where the soil is sandy. This includes Onehunga, Northcote, Herne Bay, Freemans Bay, The North Shore, West Coast, Devonport and other parts of Auckland. You will often see these ants in your shower and kitchen sink.

While they are not a threat to people physically, they do get into food and leave piles of dirt and sand around your property and home.  They do also like to use grout to build their nests so can be destructive to buildings, bathrooms and other wet areas.

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The Argentine Ant is one of the worlds most irritating ant species and is territorial and aggressive. While not poisonous, Argentine ants bite people. In contrast to other ant species, Argentine ants form colonies that cooperate to build “super-colonies”.  This leads to a high density of nests that can grow to enormous numbers.

To avoid a huge influx of the Argentine Ant at your home, business or on your property, call Bug Lady to assist you with ant control.

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