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Rodents, Rats & Mice Treatment

Rats and Mice just love to come inside for an unwelcomed visit, where they breed and infest your food and furnishings. They scurry around in your ceiling as well as throughout your premises. They are unhealthy and carry disease not to mention the feces they leave behind. Don’t put up with rats or mice bothering you any longer, Bug Lady will quickly and effectively treat all areas of your home or business where rodents are a problem.

Why use a pest controller?

Even though there are many DIY measures available, not all of them are effective. An experienced pest control expert is trained to know exactly where to place bait and traps to get the maximum effect.  Bug Lady has all of the required knowledge to efficiently get guaranteed results.  Bug Lady has years of experience and knowledge to exterminate rats, mice and all rodents long term.

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