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Wasps & Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are a serious problem that can be very dangerous.

If you get too close to a wasp nest or worse disturb it, wasps will attack and bite you. It can be extremely painful to be stung by a wasp and it can cause discomfort for a few days. But for those who are allergic, stings can be lifethreatening if not treated right away.

German wasps are the nastiest and hideaway underground or inside block walls, therefore they are protected from predators and can grow very large. Australian and Asian wasps can be seen on fence lines and are smaller in size.

Where to find wasp nests?

In addition to nests in the ground, tree hollows, under your house, and the roof space, you may also find nests of paper wasps hanging from vegetation, fences, and eaves.

Wasp Treatment

Wasps are a danger to the environment.

The wasps are a major problem in some beech forests because they eat large amounts of honeydew. Honeydew is the product of a native scale insect and is a vital food source for the local birds, bats, insects, and lizards. The wasps eat huge amounts of native insects and are upsetting the natural balance.

Wasps also cause havoc to the natural food chain in forests by eating large amounts of native insects.  They are also known for eating newly hatched baby birds and destroying beehives.

Get professional help!

Please do not attempt to remove wasps or wasp nests but instead contact Bug Lady immediately so she can help you out without any danger to you or others. Wasps sting and they are very painful.

Bug Lady can apply a safe treatment to the nest and as the treatment disperses throughout the nest, the wasps start to die and all will be gone within a few hours. Wasp nest removal requires skill and Bug Lady has all of the necessary skills and more.

Don’t put up with wasps bothering you any longer, Bug Lady will quickly and effectively treat your wasp problem.

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Thorough information will be provided before your Pest Control service for the particular pests treated.  If the pest treatment you require will need bait treatments, these are always housed in safety-approved containers that will then be placed in areas that will be safe for children and pets. 

It is highly recommended to have pests treated before they get out of control as this will save you money and are not as difficult to eradicate.

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