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Does Your Home Have Pests?

Call Bug Lady now to book a residential pest control service or to get a free, no-obligation quote for your home or business premises.  Landlords and property managers are welcome to arrange pest control for their tenants.

Residential Pest Control For Your Home and Home Office

Bug Lady is a specialist with residential pest control to ensure your home or a home you own, is kept clean and pest free.  No more bugs, flies, cockroaches, spiders, ants, rats, mice or even wasps.  All of these pests, rodents and bugs can carry with them germs and diseases and some can cause great harm with stings and bites. 

Why live with the frustration of dirty pests when you can have them treated and can then enjoy your day to day life without the concern, frustration or annoyance of dirty pests.

Pests can also cause damage to your property, clothing, plants, pets and infest your food.  Especially with a lot of people now working from home, there is no time for pests taking up your time and energy or costing you money due to their potential damage.

When you call But Lady, she will fit in with a time that suits you and will be in and out without any trace of her being there. Your home will be the same as when you left it without any staining, residue, mess or marks. Your home will be aired while she is servicing it and all hard surfaces will be left dry.

What makes Bug Lady different though is that she is a woman and has, of course, the woman’s touch – she is fussy and thorough. No nook or cranny will be left untouched and all while maintaining complete professionalism and privacy.

Your confidence is guaranteed – no sneaking around or looking in your drawers!!!  Especially if you are a woman living on your own, it can be a concern that someone could be going through your property as seen on the television program Target.

The Bug Lady can also take care of residential homes that are owned by a Landlord or taken care of by a Property Manager, either during a tenancy or when commencing or ending a tenancy.  You will also be given a full service report to future proof you with Health and Safety concerns.

If you would like to know more about residential pest control, please contact Bug Lady by using the form on this page, or calling her by using the button below. Thank you.

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Bug Lady only uses products to treat pests that are certified safe for humans and pets, you and your family will be safe.

Thorough information will be provided before your Pest Control service for the particular pests treated.  If the pest treatment you require will need bait treatments, these are always housed in safety-approved containers that will then be placed in areas that will be safe for children and pets. 

It is highly recommended to have pests treated before they get out of control as this will save you money and are not as difficult to eradicate.

Your safety is important to Bug Lady.  To get a free quote, please use the button below.

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