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The Bug Lady loves to treat your home to rid it of ants and other common household pests, so that you can enjoy your day to day life without the concern, frustration or annoyance of pesky pests that can get into your food, cupboards and furnishings. Not only are they nuisance but they can also spread germs and bacteria. Who knows where they have been prior to entering your home and what germs they may be carrying.

The Bug Lady will fit in with a time that suits you and will be in and out without any trace of her being there. Your home will be the same as when you left it without any staining, residue, mess or marks. Your home will be aired while she is servicing it and all hard surfaces will be left dry.

What makes the Bug Lady different though is that she is a woman and has of course, the woman's touch - she is fussy and thorough. No nook or cranny will be left untouched and all while maintaining complete professionalism and privacy. Your confidence is guaranteed - no sneaking around or looking in your drawers!!!

The Bug Lady can also take care of residential homes that are owned by a Landlord or taken care of by a Property Manager, either during a tenancy or when commencing or ending a tenancy.

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